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Mesa Boogie Stiletto Cabeçote 150W

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Detalhes do Anúncio:

Stiletto Trident 150w em perfeito estado!!!! Sem trocas!!!!!

Vendo somente o cabeçote!!!! 

Stiletto Trident Head Guitar Amplifier

Stiletto Trident® Long Head on 4×12 Cabinet
Shown in Standard Dress: Black Vinyl with Black Croc Front Panel & Chrome Chassis
  • 5 Out of 6 Modes Re-voiced and Improved!
  • FAT and TITE Clean ModesFeature Enhanced Top End Sparkle And Transparency
  • Channel 1 & 2 CRUNCH Now Even Tighter and More Aggressive
  • All New FLUID-DRIVE ModeFeatures Even More Tightly Focused Gain
  • All New Lightening Fast Power Supply Tightens Low-End and Increases Mid Punch

The Stiletto Trident®
from Mesa Engineering®

sti le’ to, noun.
. A Sicilian dagger with a thin, tapering blade.
2. A sexy woman’s shoe with a dagger like heel.
3. A wicked rock head built around EL-34 tubes.

Rock’s High Gain Alternative – Elevating EL-34 Tone from Classic to a Menacing New Realm!

Stiletto® marks Mesa’s dedication to the legendary power behind heavy rock’s British ancestry. Razor sharp and finely honed, the Stiletto is mean enough to slice right through any mix with a trademark new sound. From sparkling cleans to classic Brit crunch to a menacing new realm of high gain, our goal was to re-define the EL-34 sound and elevate it beyond the limits of previous boundaries. Just like the Rectos did to 6L6s!

Tighter, higher Bass. Lower, fatter Mids and a hazy harmonic top where luscious overtones line up in a shimmering crystalline spread. This mid-focused footprint compliments a Recto® perfectly in an aggressive two-guitar band, allowing each player to carve out a distinctive region…and own it.

Clean and Hi Gain Switch Raw-claw switch
Channel 1
Gain Select:

Channel 1 offers two traditional-gain Clean choices, the blooming sweetness of FAT and the urgent focus of TITE or, choose the mid-gain authority of CRUNCH for grinding rhythm sounds. This channel offers so many great sounds that alone, Channel 1 would be an amazing amplifier!
Channel 2 Voicing Switch:
Channel 2 offers a clone of Channel 1’s mid-gain CRUNCH mode and two different HI Gain voicings. TITE-GAIN slices like a blade with focused mid attack and howling sustain, while FLUID-DRIVE adds layers of thick, rich harmonics that spread wide for the definitive solo voice or an ultimate modern grind. Either way you play it the Stiletto takes EL34 expression to a new realm.

Two ruthless pre-amp channels create a mighty 6 mode platform while keeping that chrome panel gleaming and simple. Channel One fashions two Clean modes, one FAT and expansive, one TITE and urgent – or can be switched to CRUNCH, which roams from a ’34-style Brit Blues clip through classic UK Hard Rock. Channel Two starts here, cloning the mid-gain presence of CRUNCH, and moves into a hellacious new frontier of modern grind with the barbed attack of TITE-GAIN or the super-layered, harmonic loaded bomb in FLUID-DRIVE. Only another MESA should consider sharing a stage next to the sinister fury of the Stiletto’s high gain thrust.

50-150 Watt Switch
50/150 Switch: Individual CHANNEL POWER SELECT offers a choice of a juicy vintage-inspired 50 watts or a punishing, modern 150 watts per Channel. Tailor your power rating to best fit the playing style for each channel.

Tube Rectifier Tracking Switches
Tube Rectifier® Tracking
Individual Rectifier Select for each Channel offers a choice of the tighter, bolder SILICON DIODES or TUBE RECTIFIER TRACKING. In TUBE TRACKING the rectifier stage “tracks” the Channel Power Select switches and auto-selects the correct number of 5U4 rectifier tubes for the power array in use.

Each Channel of the Trident offers the clippable 50 watts – or a truly stunning 150 watts of coliseum headroom. Each channel also offers your choice of Rectifiers: Silicon Diodes or Tube Tracking which automatically matches the optimum number of 5U4s to the power array selected.

Bold-Spongy Switch
Convenient Front Panel BOLD/SPONGY switch provides quick access to the on-board “variac” for on the fly voltage changes. Bold delivers a full 117 volts of authority, while SPONGY knocks down incoming AC for the classic brown sound.

The Stiletto® also incorporates our patented Bold-Spongy power feature that works like a built-in Variac for an even browner vibe. Our Solo feature (Pat. pend. 6,724,897) allows you to step out with a footswitchable volume boost when it’s your turn in the spotlight to wield this menacing tone.

External Switching Ports, Slave Out with Level control and an all-tube, series FX Loop (including a hard-bypass), round out the rear panel features.

So if your musical world relies on the classic El-34 Brit sounds we all love, but you need to greatly expand the range of performance while retaining the essence of character, check out the new STAGE IIStiletto®. You won’t believe where 34’s can take you now.

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